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"Futurism was born in Bellagio on the 15 June 2012" with the first edition of the "International Arts Festival" dedicated to the father of Futurism, who spent the final days of his life in Bellagio: the poet, writer and playwright, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

Many events followed:

  • the "30" exhibition and various works of contemporary art created by artists from secondary schools and the Brera Academy
  • an area dedicated to literature (Artistic Director, Gaetano Delli Santi): a journey through the poetry, theatre, fiction, song and dance, and music of popular culture, with works by Berni, Bembo, Marinetti, Delli Santi, Petrolini and other authors.
  • an "army" of 90 Futurist art statues, made by students in Brera, which have taken over the streets and alleys of Bellagio: "Just like soldiers, we defend the arts and the central role that culture plays in Bellagio" 



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